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ephemeral art

Some folk see the Virgin Mary in a slice of toast and some folk see just a piece of toast

whereas I see a Keith Haring in my sink: put some sausages on a tray, bake them in the oven, eat the sausages and make some art while it soaks.  Amazing what you can do with a pound of chipolatas, eh?  But seriously, those earth colours and Rothko edges just blow me away, so I give you a strangely fitting quote from Madonna in Vogue:

“Beauty’s where you find it (not just where you bump and grind it)

or eat it…

and I can’t risk !! resist including a weirdly Chris Ofili-like version of the same phenomenon taken the following morning, complete with stunning glinty bits:

Very little image manipulation went into the making of this post, btw, I just selected for different light settings.

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