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Spotted at my local Saturday market: chewy snacks for the discerning doggie.

Fido\'s pick & mix
Top from left: cow throats, pig trotters, “paddy whacks” – what’s that?
Front from left: pig snouts, postman’s legs, honey roast bones

Also on display were rinds, knuckles and shanks plus a wide variety of unidentifiable edibles for – and by – animals. Although it’s good to know such things aren’t going to waste, I rather hope the credit crunch is over before we’re feeling the need to sneak them into a stew…and eating a dog’s dinner for real.  Although Mr T is such a flesh fiend he wouldn’t mind at all, I’ll be needing the fabulous, the fearless Fergus Henderson to hold my hand and show me the right way to deal with extremities: respect, Fergus!!

Fergus Henderson’s St. John Restaurants

Fergus shows Mark Bittman of The New York Times a thing or two:  

Douglas Blyde at Intoxicating Prose took a trip to St. John recently: read his review and salivate; then make your reservation.


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