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Yesterday I happened upon a little pot of tarragon at the local flower stall.  I’m a big fan of tarragon’s manifold culinary applications and at a mere £1 it was irresistible, but while scrabbling in my wallet I thought I glimpsed another one, so with my £2 coin I bought the pair.

So, you’re thinking they look completely different, eh? Well they did to me too after I came home and actually read the labels. No problem finding uses for tarragon, but what on earth am I going to do with hyssop? And can you tell which is which?
A quick google turns up little of use.  Yet another dubious, labour-intensive remedy for sore throat, bronchitis and so on and so on.  One of the 130 mystery ingredients of Chartreuse (only another 129 to discover then). Nothing worth doing in the culinary sense, which a tentative nibble confirms. And I have to share this quote:

Its camphor-like smell reminds you of the sick room.

Well, yum yum yum. The same website suggests it as a substitute for mint or rosemary but I’ll stick with the originals, thanks.

Here’s what I learnt:

  • impulse herb buys are not necessarily a good idea
  • always read the label
  • tarragon and hyssop are indistinguisable if you’re in a hurry
  • tarragon and hyssop taste very different indeed
  • the lady at the flower stall made an extra £1 yesterday
  • buy more tarragon

Am I missing something?

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