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A pilgrimage to Ikea is unsanctified without a trip to Wing Yip for a foodster fix.  Croydon’s oriental alimentary emporium has really been snazzing itself up lately; witness the snappy slogan for a start – I love it.  It’s also all smart uniforms and smiles nowadays – nothing wrong with that; in the time of inscrutable scowling I used to feel like an interloper adrift – just so long as they stop short of employing greeters at the door, I’m a happy punter.

Marketing pundits advocate aerosoling the scent of bread baking to foster a super-duper supermarket experience but that ruse is getting pretty tired; we’ve all cottoned on to their cotton-wool loaves.  Wing Yip has come up with something much more evocative: the stinky sock stench of durian filled our nostrils the second we breached the threshold.  Yummy – seriously. I can’t decide which part of this freaky fruit is my favourite – the foetid aroma, the weird succulent flesh or its viciously spiky carapace: don’t ever try to carry one home in your arms, it will hurt you.  Anyway, at £5.95 a kilo and not one weighing less than three we regretfully declined this time.  My hunt for durian flavoured wafers continues, however.  I opened a pack once at work in Vancouver and next thing I knew they’d evacuated the building, convinced of a gas leak.  Try this if you’re not keen on your job, but if you do please let me know where you got the biscuits.

With domestic relocation imminent (hence the Ikea mission) I’m supposed to be running down the stocks so it was just a couple of bags of whitebait, some Panko, a wasabi refill and an assortment of frozen seafood.  I did, however, purchase one of these reusable stunners to carry them home:

and for 84p Anya Hindmarch can eat my shorts. :mrgreen:

Wing Yip Croydon superstore
544 Purley Way
Tel: 020 8688 4880

Wing Yip online shop

Deciding if a durian is decent
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Something to cheer up a wet, wild and windy Bank Holiday Monday: lurid splashes of colour in a plateful of home counties Chinese food hot-footed to the door. This Kandinskyesque car crash of a palette is Menu A, consisting of (clockwise from top): Kung Po Pork, Chicken with Mixed Vegetables, Beef with Oyster sauce and Special Fried Rice (I’ll never understand what’s so special about it) and at 10 o’clock we see an extra of my perennial fave: Singapore Fried Noodles.

My truly favourite dish, on which I could gladly subsist, is to be found only at the wonderful Wong Kei on Wardour Street in London’s Soho: Fried Kwai Du. Made with fresh wide rice noodles and lots of chillies, for £3.80 it puts all those timidly spiced and overly oily vermicelli wannabes to shame. Only the Wong Kei doesn’t deliver to Kent – or anywhere for that matter.

Missing from the picture are the comet-like Crispy Fried Won Tons (too quickly snarfed) and a battering ram of a Spring Roll which I wisely passed to Mr T: it rendered him prostrate for the remainder of the day.  It’s nice that complimentary prawn crackers and fortune cookies are becoming de rigeur, but whatever happened to the pithy motto?  This has to be the wordiest ever:

fortune cookie motto
The delivery boy was our only visitor and hardly unexpected, but I do like chillies.

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